Sophomore Class Officers:

President:           Caleb Jones    

Vice President:     Jackson "Diesel" Voyles

Secretary:             Colton Baxter

Treasurer:             Maddie Erickson

Reporter:              Jaida Kelley  


Historian: Addie Belle Knight


Class Favorites: 

Jackson Voyles

Emma Pearl Scott


Who's Who:


Funniest: McKenna Barber and Branson Taylor

Best All Around: Addie Belle Knight and Jackson Voyles

Most Intellectual: Maddie Erickson and Joseph Hidalgo

Most Athletic: McKenna Barber and Caleb Jones

Cutest: Jaida Kelley and Jasper Franks

Friendliest: Addie Belle Knight and Caleb Jones

Best Dressed: Campbell Guin and Ashton Shelton

Most Talkative: Blayne Sturgeon and Bentley Dill

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Addie Belle Knight and Jackson Voyles

Most School Spirit: Blayne Sturgeon and Jackson Voyles