Freshman Class Officers:

President:            Lana White     

Vice-President:       Evan Summers

Secretary:             Hayden Estes    

Treasurer:         Levi Ellis        

Reporter:       Kayla Edwards


Historian: Hudson Trulove


Class Favorites:

Lucas Johnson

Emma Hood


Who's Who:


Funniest: John Thomas Hendrick and Harlee Johnson

Best All Around: Carson Barnard and Georgia Pitts

Most Intellectual: David Brown and Ava Stanley

Most Athletic: Levi Ellis and Allie Ensey

Cutest: Levi Ellis and Emma Hood

Friendliest: Bryson Franks and Lana White

Best Dressed: Evan Summers and Madi Wright

Most Talkative: Willis Hopkins and Shiann White

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day: Briley Miles and Harlee Johnson

Most School Spirit: Aidan Strong and Georgia Pitts