The latest edition of the Parent Engagement Newsletter!

MAC Parent/Family Engagement Policy

Our goal at MHS is to keep parents in the know! The following policies are vital to your students's day-to-day learning and safety. Please review these with your student, and call the office if you have any questions!

Arrival/Dismissal Time: School commences each day at 7:40 AM for Junior High and 7:50 AM for High School. Any late arrivals must sign in through the office. 

Attendance Policy: 

Students who accrue 10 unexcused late check ins or 10 unexcused check outs will be assigned a day of ISD
Seniors who miss more than 10 unexcused absences in either semester will not be able to walk at graduation.

Inclement Weather Policy:

Parents will not be able to check out any student while the school is under a severe weather warning. 

Delivery Policy: No food deliveries may be made to the school unless it is for an approved school function.


Lunchroom Policy: Per ICSD policy, students owing more than $25 will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, drive to school, or attend field trips